Devotion Tattoo Boise, Idaho Award Winning Custom Artwork Walk-Ins Welcome!
!!!!!!!WALK-IN GUARANTEE !!!!!!!
!!!!!!!WALK-IN GUARANTEE!!!!!!!
Thursday-Saturday we will guarantee that you can come on in and get a tattoo without an appointment! First come first served. We will stay as late as it takes till all the tattoos are done for the day.
Hot Rods and Hot Dogs
Devotion Tattoos first annual "Hot Rods and Hot Dogs" was a blast! We had a ton of people show up for some good times. The band Parade of Bad Guys was a hit as were all of the great hot rods and choppers people brought out. If you left early, you really missed out! This will be an annual event. It will be held on Saturday the weekend right before school starts up, every summer from now on. Free food, free music, free beer, free pool table, hot rods and choppers! What more could you ask for? If you missed out this year, please put it on you calenders for next year and help us get rowdy!
PIERCING is back at Devotion Tattoo !!!
After a year long search for a world class piercer, Devotion Tattoo is proud to announce they have found one! Breck comes to us from SLC, Utah. With almost 5 years of experience he can help you with all things piercings. He excels in everything from your basic nose and navel piercings, to everything below the belt, as well as dermal anchors (dermal implants). Stop on in to say hello and welcome him to town. For a limited time, if you bring in 5 piercings, you will get one FREE!
Times they are changing...again
Well, that didn't last long! A lot of new news for Devotion Tattoo this month. First off, Erik Cuilla is leaving Devotion again for greener pastures in Washington. That means that the Mt. Home location that he was running is no longer around. It was fun while it lasted.
NEW LOCATION 1510 Broadway Ave. Boise
As of October 2007 we will be in our new location. Located at 1510 Broadway Ave. Come on in and check it out. We are here to stay. There is another tattoo shop in our old location...don't get confused!
Local artists as well as other artists from around the world...